It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is behind us! As the holiday season draws near, it’s a good time to reflect on the word thankful. There are many reasons to be thankful for various things and there are many reasons to thank others for what they have done for you in your life.

For this week’s post, we would like to reflect on a few reasons to be thankful this season.

If you have good health, be thankful for it!  So many people that live in our communities deal with diseases, disorders and issues in their bodies.  When you have a body that is functioning properly and you are healthy, be grateful. Celebrate it!

If you have good friends and family, be thankful for them! It’s so important to live life with others. If you live life with alongside other people, you can share good times and even bad times together.  It’s healthy to have others to hang out with and to share things with.

If you have a home, food to put on the table and clean water to drink, be thankful!  In America, it’s true that most people have access to food, shelter and clean water. In so many other places in the world there are people who don’t have these and might even consider them luxuries.

We here at Carlos and Parnell would also like to take a moment to express our thankfulness for our patients, our staff and our community. We are fortunate to have amazing doctors and nurses in our practice and we also have amazing patients.  We know that as a patient you have a choice of where to seek medical care so we are thankful you have chosen us.

If you have any health questions or concerns that you would like to talk about, please contact us today to make an appointment. We are here for you this holiday season!

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