It’s flu shot season! Hopefully you have received your flu shot, have an appointment to get your flu shot OR after reading this post will be motivated to get your flu shot.

Flu shots are strongly encouraged for everyone to get. It takes a short amount of time and can help protect you and those around you from the influenza virus. There are often rumors about the flu shot and even excuses for why some don’t get them, so let’s take this post to “de-bunk” a few rumors!

Myth:  If I get the flu shot, I will get the flu.
Reality:  It is true that the shot includes an extremely small strand of the virus itself. This is how vaccines work.  When the virus is injected in to your body, your body makes defenses against it so that when your body potentially comes in contact with the virus again, it will be ready to fight!  So the truth is a small amount of the flu virus is injected into your body; however, it’s not enough to make you sick.  If you do end up getting sick after it is more likely that you were sick at the time of the shot and the illness didn’t show symptoms until later.

Myth: It will hurt my arm if I get the flu shot.
Reality:  It might sting during the shot administration for only a few seconds. Also, your arm might get sore at the injection site but the soreness shouldn’t last long.  There are a few things to do to prevent soreness including moving your arm after the shot has been administered and gently massaging the injection site.

Myth: I have never had the flu, why should I get the flu shot now?
Reality:  It’s true that you might have been one of the lucky few that have not had the flu; however, you never know when the year might come that you do in fact get the flu. You’re better off vaccinated to prevent it!

Myth: I got the flu shot last year, I will be OK.
Reality:  Each year the flu shot is designed to target the potentially bad strands that are expected to impact people. Since viruses change all the time, so do immunizations.  That’s why the flu shot is different each year.

There are more myths out there that we didn’t cover but we would like to encourage everyone to get their flu shot.  It’s a great way to protect yourself and others from the flu virus, a primarily respiratory virus, which can have extensive consequences in certain people. If you still have questions about the flu shot or would like to get one, please call our offices today. We are happy to help you!

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