In anticipation for Mother’s Day coming up, this post is dedicated to making sure all of those moms out there are appreciated for all they do.

There are many different types of mom’s out there. There are moms of biologic children, moms of pets and animals, moms of adopted children, moms to other people’s kids, moms of classrooms, there are moms everywhere you look!

That said, how can we make mom feel special and thank her for all she does? Here are a few ways:

First – you can make her a meal.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack.  Moms are always busy cooking for others so it might be nice to have a meal made by someone else.

Second – you can make a card or a gift for mom.  There are a lot of sites like Pinterest that have great homemade ideas and crafts.  You can even grab some paper, jot a few reasons why mom is special and viola, you have a nice card for her.

Third – give mom some time off.  If mom is used to being the one who is always managing the household, let her go for a nice walk, meet a friend for lunch, or do something by herself for the afternoon.  Maybe it might be a nap!

Lastly – clean up!  Moms are always picking up and cleaning up their homes.  Do mom a favor and dust, sweep, mop, vacuum, use some window cleaner or whatever else you may need to clean up your house.  Mom will thank you later!

Let’s try to make mom feel special and loved this Mother’s Day! From all of us here at Carlos and Parnell, thank you moms for all you do!

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