Summer is a great time to be outdoors, play and hang with friends, spend time with family and to enjoy the longer days! That said, there are a few reminders we have to help make sure you are safe this summer in the midst of all of the fun!

Hydration is important to being safe when it’s hot outside.  We all know it gets very hot in Texas and our bodies sweat to cool off.  When we sweat, we lose moisture and water and our bodies need to replace it. That’s why we need to stay hydrated!  If you are outside and sweating a lot, make sure you drink enough water to replenish what you have lost.  There are lots of choices of but water is always your best friend.  Be sure to take it with you wherever you go!

Sunscreen is vital to our safety.  The sun, although a glorious provider of energy and heat that we love, can do a lot of damage to our skin. The sun emits ultraviolet “UV” rays that destroy the cells in our bodies. This can lead to skin damage and can be a cause of skin and other cancers. While we all enjoy a “tan” on our skin, it’s a better idea long term to wear sunscreen such as a waterproof SPF 15 or more, to protect ourselves from long term damage. If you are outside a lot, re-apply your sunscreen each hour.

Staying cool is important! If you are going to be exercising outside, having a picnic, going to a concert or doing anything for a long period of time outdoors, pick a time such as early morning or evening, to stay cool. The “heat” of the day and when the sun is hottest is typically 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and this time should be spent indoor to avoid being overheated.

Keep away the bugs! We spend a lot of time outdoors and along with that come exposure to bugs including some of our favorites, mosquitos and bees!  Mosquitos can often be pesky in the evenings and near areas of water.  Use a bug repellent on your skin or wear lightweight pants and a long sleeve top so the mosquitos do not have exposed skin to bite. If you end up with a bite, try not to itch it and instead us a cortisone cream. For bees, if you get a sting, use ice, cortisone cream, and keep a close look for any type of reaction (throat swelling, difficulty breathing). If this occurs after a bee sting please call 911 immediately.

Summer is meant to be a fun time of being outdoors, going to the swimming pool, going to parks, eating watermelon, and having a good time!  We want summer to be a fun and safe time. If you have any questions about summer safety or how you can protect yourself from the summer elements, please call us today!

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