Summer is the best!!

One reason why is because of the variety of fruits and vegetables offered not only in the grocery store but at local farmer’s markets.  There are markets with local produce nearly every weekend!

This summer, make sure you are eating a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables and that your plate is always colorful.  It’s easy to get stuck eating the same things for meals but this summer, try to add a fruit and vegetable every time you sit down to snack.

Another great part of summer is grilling out!  Chicken or fish can be a great source of nutrients as well as flavor for your summer dinner (or lunch!). You can grill a variety of vegetables such as squash or corn. Next time you are at the grocery store, swap a package of macaroni and cheese for a fresh chicken to grill.  Make sure that when you grill your meat you are checking the internal temperature to ensure it is at least 165-degrees, since this is the temperature that majority of foodborne illness are killed.

For desserts, a summer favorite of mine is to make treats with natural sugars like fruits.  There are recipes all over the internet for things like strawberry-kiwi popsicles or fresh berry dishes. One of my personal favorites is homemade ice cream!  You can use frozen yogurt with mixed berries – a healthier option to heavy cream and sugar for ice cream.  These are delicious alternatives.

Lastly, for snacks, try to swap out some packaged crackers, chips or cereal bars with fresh vegetables and a dip such as hummus or a Greek yogurt dip.  These dips can be purchased typically in the produce section of any major grocery store and they are full of protein and non-processed ingredients.

I want you to have a healthy summer and part of that means making sure your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

If you have any questions about summer meals or how to make sure you are getting enough of the “right” foods in your diet, please call us today.

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