Sleep is something that we all need more of!  It’s the fountain of youth.  It repairs our body.  When we sleep it helps our mind and body align and rest and we all truly need a lot more of it then what studies say we are getting. Do you feel like you are always tired? I know I do!

Here are a few reasons that you should make sure you try get a good night’s sleep, every night.

For your mental health

When you get sleep, it gives your body time (and your brain time) to rest and get ready for the day ahead.  Our brains are always active firing out commands, making decisions, connecting ideas and thoughts, and doing so much more so it’s imperative that we give our brain some down time.

For your physical health

When you rest, your muscles and your body, similar to the above, have time to restore and gain energy for the next day. If you don’t give yourself time to recover from the day, you could feel sluggish, sleepy and possibly even sore. If you have ever rolled out of bed and thought your muscles just felt tired, it’s probably because you didn’t get enough sleep.

For your safety!

This aspect is often overlooked. Let’s think this through, though.  If you have a job that requires a lot of attention to detail, you need to be on your “A-Game” each and every minute of the day.  Not being well rested and able to function at your highest level could impact your job, your safety and possibly someone else’s as well.

No matter what your profession, we all should strive to function at our highest potential and to do so, that means making sure you get enough rest.

Tips for getting good sleep

First, try to go to bed around the same time each night. Your body is an amazing “clock” and it knows when it’s time to snooze.  If you continually alter the time you go to bed, you could be disrupting your sleep cycle.

Second, make sure you keep your room dark and cool.  If your room is too bright your body might mistake the “light” as day and it might impair your ability to sleep well.  If your room is too warm, you could wake up continually during the night because you are hot and this will disrupt your sleep.

Next, try to avoid checking your phone or iPad/tablet before bed. The light our phones/devices emit can actually interfere with your ability to fall asleep.

Also, watch your alcohol and caffeine intake.  Both of these will alter your night’s sleep and cause you to have difficultly going to bed and staying asleep.

Last, when you lay down at night in bed and the lights are off, take a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, 3-5, and just let your mind release the tension and stress of the day. It’s amazing how much a few deep and slow breaths can help us with our sleep!

If you still have questions about sleep and how to get the best night’s rest each night, feel free to make an appointment to talk with us.

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