It’s summer! We all love summer for so many reasons but one that tops the list is that most of our day can be spent outdoors and at the pool (or lake). Along with the added time outside comes a need for awareness around early detection for skin issues, such as skin cancer.

Something interesting about your skin is that it is a continually growing and developing part of your body just like anything else. It sheds dead layers without us even knowing. It also is the best barrier for the rest of our internal body keeping us safe from the environment that we are surrounded in.

Since our skin is so important, we need to make sure we are caring for it!

You should always be checking your skin for moles.  When you look at the moles (that can be located anywhere on your body), make sure to follow the ABCDEF’s to track them over time:

A – Asymmetry. Does the mole look perfectly round or is it asymmetric?
B – Border.  Does it have a defined border?
C – Color. Is the mole a brownish color?
D – Diameter. Is the mole approximately 3-4 mm?
E – Elevation. Is the mole flat?
F – Feeling. Is the mole itchy or uncomfortable or does it feel like normal skin?

Can you answer “no” to any of the above? Please come in and see us! It takes very little time to check a mole and it is a painless procedure.

If you take one nugget of advice away from this post, please remember that early detection can help save your life and second, to know what is normal for YOU.  Check your skin every month or so and if there is a change, make note! Please come in to see us if you have anything unusual going on so we can help check it out.

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